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Please remember we are in Beta and whilst we are steaming ahead the game and this portal are under development.

Video Tutorials

Building a zombie pit - Part 1 - Learn how to build a box to hold your zombies, spawn guns and kill some mobs!

Walk through of the tutorial world - A helpful video demonstrating the in-game tutorial

Spawning mobs - How to spawn mobs in the tutorial world


This page contains a list of all tutorials we currently have for Cubiverse; if you wish to create a tutorial please feel free to submit an article (in some open format) and we will put it in our Wiki.

Start the editor - Learn how to start editing by equipping the world editor

Building Stuff

Building and Terra-forming the world - How to change the landscape, from simple cubes to creating floating platforms

Understanding and adding entities - Entities are key to bringing your game to life and adding real functionality

Using and adding Trigger Zones - Trig Zones allows your game to know where players, entities and mobs are.

Spawning players - How to select the spawn location of players, along with some options you have to control it.

Spawning mobs - How to select the spawn location of mobs, along with options to control them.

Writing Scripts

Using the script editor - How to script your worlds

The scripting language - In depth scripting help

Important scripting notes - Things to remember!

Working with worlds

How to claim your world - How to own a world

Publishing your worlds - How to share your world with the Internet!

Cloning other worlds - How to clone (certain) worlds

Know your limits

How to manage your Java-script workloads - How not to break things

Limits per simulation step - Limits on updates (per simulation step)