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Tutorial Equipping the World Editor

How to Equip The World Editor

Please Note - You can only equip the world editor on a tutorial world OR a world you have claimed (usually a tutorial world, but it could be a world you Cloned)

When inside the world, press I to open the Inventory. You should see the world editor:



I can't see the world editor icon

You will not see the world editor if you do not OWN the current world. Unclaimed worlds (such as tutorials) can be claimed to gain ownership, after this is done you will see the world editor.

I see TimeOut messages

Unfortunately Cubiverse requires all requests to respond within 15 seconds, it's possible you are lagged or has lost connection during the load or save operation. At this point you will have to press F5 to reload Cubiverse, I may improve this to retry the operations at a later stage.