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Tutorial Cloning Worlds


The creator of a world may allow you to clone their world to add new content, or modify how it works. All Tutorials that are published by KillerJim are cloneable so you can mess with, and then publish the worlds as you own.

How do I clone a world?

You must be a registered user to claim any world (including the tutorial), so please create an free account.

After this it's a mater of joining the world that is cloneable (like any Cubiverse tutorial level) and open the "World Settings" window, by clicking on the world icon (top right). Then click on the "Clone World" button, and voila the browser will reload with a new world fully owned by you.

I don't see the "Clone World" button!

This means the player who owns the world does not allow it to be cloned, we recommend you contact the player directly - we cannot put you in contact with world owners, or force cloning of a world.

Can I clone any world?

Unfortunately all content in Cubiverse is owned by the players who created them, we don't (and will never) force any level to be cloneable. See our terms and conditions for more information.