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Find information on what's gone into each release.

[FEATURE] shows a new feature,
[CLIENT] is a client (UX/UI) bug fix or todo change and...
[SERVER] is a server-side bug fix or todo change ( [BOTH] means it required equal amounts on both sides to do )

January 2016

V0.9 - 2nd January 2016 

* [FEATURE] - Lights, user defined lights that can be controlled in real-time!
* [FEATURE] - Improved netCode! Finally a better version of netCode allowing smoother movements for higher latency players
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Add names field to the script editor so that players can quickly modify the name without touching any JS code
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Add title field to any dynamic object (script, voxel, triggerZone, etc.) so that a 3D name appears above it when in editing mode.
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Transparency issues with all text (i.e. user names above players heads, text in editor mode, etc.)
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Transparency issues around the edges of players and plants
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Player model seemed about 0.25 units off the ground
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Fix other players appearing to "jitter" on top of moving cubes
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Fixed minor animation looping bug... 
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Fixed text appearing transparent (with black border)

November 2015

V0.8 - 23rd November 2015

* [CLIENT] - FEATURE - Added ability to clear a world to the editor
* [CLIENT] - FEATURE - Add links to API from script editing
* [CLIENT] - FEATURE - Updated API with all the latest methods, properties, events, etc..
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Allow for correct resizing of code editor when window is resized
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Fix up numerous Firefox issues and more warnings for IE and Apple users
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Show other players picking up and using items (guns, torches, etc.)
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Kick repeatibly rejoining users (i.e. Cubiverse is in the background) out to a "please reconnect" screen
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Fixed issue with mobs not appearing for player 2+
* [SERVER] - BUG - Heavy HTTP operations can sometimes call a stall in the WebSocket updates (core count?)
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Fixed some issues with 3D faces being invisible on chunk boundaries

October 2015

V0.7 - 28th October 2015

* [FEATURE] - Guns and mob damage, allowing players to shoot and damage (kill) mobs
* [FEATURE] - Add text to any dynamic voxel (including position, size, etc.)
* [FEATURE] - Cloning of worlds - Any author can set a "clonable" flag on their words, and other users can clone the world.

* [CLIENT] - BUG - Transparent cubes are not correct, the background is not being rendered through the cubes. Z-Ordering "issue" with three.js (r70 removed .renderDepth!!)
* [SERVER] - BUG - Very intermittent crash bug when players join a server
* [SERVER] - BUG - Anyone can restart a world (only the author should be able to)
* [SERVER] - BUG - Copy and paste in script editor can cause window to shift up leaving blank at bottom
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Editing the world did not cause spawned items (torches, guns, etc.) from resetting and disappearing
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Improve the inventory system to automatically close and mouse lock on certain tools (torches, guns, etc.) 
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Editor HTML layout is wrong when entering the editor from the tutorial
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Whilst in edit mode, opening a new browser tab (Cubvierse in background) causes a disconnect, on reconnection editor is buggy
* [CLIENT] - TODO - If the game is in a background TAB ensure that it doesn't loose connect as the connection to the server lags out (chrome mostly iirc)
* [CLIENT] - BUG - When entering edit mode (or placing mob spawn points) the mob animation plays and the last frame (of a dead mob) is shown

February 2015

V0.65 - 28th February 2015

* [FEATURE] - Improved the overall look an feel of the world editor, new tools and modes
* [FEATURE] - Latency meter to show network lag
* [FEATURE] - Editor can now "undo" changes (yeahh!)
* [CLIENT] - TODO - World editor now remembers previous mode
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Unified the key's in the editor, so regardless of mode they work the same
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Added symbols to each tool bar button to show key that activates it (1,2,3.. etc.)
* [BOTH] - TODO - NetCode has been greatly improved for both normal movement and sticking to cubes
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Need to alert uses who dump alot of log() stuff as it kills performance (fixed by showing ~30 lines)
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Press "Space" on alerts should make them go away
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Mouse wheel on the script editor does not work
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Script editor window does not show vertical scrollbar for bottom few lines
* [CLIENT] - BUG - It's sometime's hard to move entities around, selection seems to work 95% of the time
* [CLIENT] - BUG - If an editing user times out and rejoins, the code editor seems to get respawned (i.e. multple editors, split horizontally)
* [SERVER] - BUG - Two or more players causes first player to get only one update per second
* [SERVER] - BUG - Birds have stopped moving in the tutorial level
* [SERVER] - BUG - The "Bug list", "First time Run" and "Info" panels get stuck if you login (F5 will make them go away after a refresh + auto login)
* [SERVER] - BUG - If you edit a voxel in the tutorial level, when you reopen the voxel the script is lost
* [SERVER] - BUG - Any HUD commands generated during a player join don't appear to the joining player
* [SERVER] - BUG - User's who are in edit mode seem to "hover" up and down
* [CLIENT] - BUG - If a dropping voxel moves up in the air, the player teleports high above it.. 
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Jumping on a dynamic voxel is poor
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Disconnections cause the script editor to spawn multiple codeMirror panels

V0.55 - Released (12th Feb 2015)

* [FEATURE] - Ability to spawn Voxel's in code
* [FEATURE] - Voxel's can now be positioned using their .x .y and .z properties
* [FEATURE] - Allowed user JS to call setInterval, clearInterval, etc. from inside the timer routine
* [FEATURE] - Added support for multiple alerts, user can cycle through them in-case of many errors
* [NEW MAP] - New snake map added to show off voxels and JS operations
* [SERVER] - BUG - Upgraded Triggerzones to use Bounding Box so they are much more accurate
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Wall sliding is jumping / bouncing (reflection vector)
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Some render artefacts remain (pixel holes, alpha blending, etc.)

January 2015

V0.51 - Released
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - BUG - Torch does not lit voxels correctly, some striping occurs and it looks strange
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - BUG - Mobs are not lit at all by torch 
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - BUG - Sea is not lit correctly by torch

V0.5 - Released
* [Jan 15] [SERVER] - BUG - Obfuscator will crash if two clients call it at the same time
* [Jan 15] [SERVER] - TODO - Need to update session time-out if user is active
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - TODO - In inventory, drag 2nd empty block over the world editor. goes missing and you can't open inventory if you press I again
* [Jan 15] [SERVER] - BUG - Pressing T in the script editor can sometimes cause issues with scripting (goes to chat)
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - BUG - Fixed issues with server restarts and inventory contents
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - BUG - Fixed issues with moving items around inventory "available" area causing items to go missing and script errors
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - BUG - Cubiverse server crashes if you have an empty Cubiscript
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - BUG - Only show the world editor for the author (prevent calls to those requests if not owner)
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - BUG - Equip the world editor in "right hand" causes issues
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - BUG - If editing world, any other players do not see mob's disappear (they remain in world and frozen).
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - BUG - User input issues with editor (first click not working, having to click to get mouse lock, etc.)
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - TODO - Allow "move trigger zone" to adjust size of selected TZ
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - TODO - First time connection should ask for "Low", "Medium" or "High" graphics settings
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - TODO - Ensure all voxel editing shows some default script (and make script names unique)
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - TODO - Deleting trigger zones causes the red selection cube to stay in space
* [Jan 15] [BOTH]   - TODO - Support "other" source files (for "init", set-up and global objects)
* [Jan 15] [CLIENT] - TODO - By convention, javascript objects should look more like this: var liftCube = new LiftCube() ;

December 2014

* [Dec 14] [CLIENT] - BUG - If you use a glass (window) cube, then other transparent cubes (like trees) appears to have the same look
* [Dec 14] [CLIENT] - BUG - Long chat lines are shown as blank
* [Dec 14] [SERVER] - BUG - Should be able to gracefully remove a script from a cube
* [Dec 14] [SERVER] - BUG - When a world is stopped, mob's are not removed from the system and duplicated on a restart
* [Dec 14] [SERVER] - BUG - Buggy Javascript can cause exception message to show blank
* [Dec 14] [CLIENT] - BUG - After editing a world keyboard input was still disabled (no chat, scoreboard, etc.)
* [Dec 14] [SERVER] - BUG - When editing worlds mob's do not see the change in height information
* [Dec 14] [SERVER] - BUG - Multiple players causes only one player to get updates on the world... (freezing all others)
* [Dec 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - No in game mobs, this includes creating (in editor), controlling (via JS if you want to) and whole API side of things
* [Dec 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - World seems dark, brightness is wrong
* [Dec 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - The world hammer should look like a hammer in the inventory
* [Dec 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - World editor - glow around cubes with code on them, different color for those with errors in the code
* [Dec 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - World editor - collision detection on feet OK, but should be able to override after enough attempts..

November 2014

* [Nov 14] [BOTH]   - TODO - Add debug prints out to the UI world..
* [Nov 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - Add in editor support for the ability to restart level without going back to spawn point
* [Nov 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - Add in editor support to that entering edit mode the camera should point to the same way as the first player camera
* [Nov 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - Add in editor support for the add, move, delete entities
* [Nov 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - Add in other options to editor to move to spawn point
* [Nov 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - The inventory has some issues when dragging and dropping (loosing things, or visually incorrect)
* [Nov 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - Possible to get "out of sync" in tutorials by not following them exactly
* [Nov 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - Alter start routine to break up long JS operations to avoid being "killed" by mobile browsers
* [Nov 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - Increase time-outs on HTTP requests for poor connections (15 seconds)
* [Nov 14] [SERVER] - TODO - Try WebSockets on port 8080 if 80 fails, because some ISP's mess up port 80 "upgrades" to WS
* [Nov 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - Disable click in talk window until T is pressed
* [Nov 14] [SERVER] - TODO - Need to test rubbish Javascript or Hack0r related JS code
* [Nov 14] [SERVER] - TODO - Allow reconnecting to existing game world (for tutorials mostly)
* [Nov 14] [SERVER] - TODO - Disable tutorial saving..
* [Nov 14] [SERVER] - TODO - If you edit any scripts you see the default script
* [Nov 14] [SERVER] - BUG - When a world is shutdown we need to remove all V8 instance stuff
* [Nov 14] [SERVER] - BUG - World restarts are not causing JS inits functions to fire on voxels 
* [Nov 14] [SERVER] - BUG - SQL server handles are leaking in tutorial worlds
* [Nov 14] [CLIENT] - BUG - Fixed player getting stuck outside top or bottom of world

October 2014

* [Oct 14] [BOTH]   - BUG - When editing a script show the old script
* [Oct 14] [CLIENT] - BUG - Enter on login screen broken
* [Oct 14] [CLIENT] - BUG - Registration process is broken
* [Oct 14] [CLIENT] - BUG - Do key prompts on tutorial
* [Oct 14] [CLIENT] - BUG - You can't select a cube (if its got a script attached) after the world is executed
* [Oct 14] [SERVER] - TODO - Remove chunks from database as its SLOWWWww.. (use "one of the last" code)
* [Oct 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - Allow dynamic voxels to be messed with in editor (don't turn them transparent)
* [Oct 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - Make tutorial box more interesting and give a "call out" after it floats away..
* [Oct 14] [CLIENT] - TODO - When enter edit mode update camera to face first person camera direction

September 2014

* [Sep 14] [CLIENT] - BUG - If saving map, alt+Tab away and back - facing empty scene and mouse lock issues