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Please remember we are in Beta and whilst we are steaming ahead the game and this portal are under development.

Welcome to the Cubiverse wiki, a publicly accessible and editable wiki for information related to Cubiverse. The wiki is managed and maintained by contributors from the Cubiverse community, along with the wiki's administration team. As our community is still fairly new you must apply to edit the wiki.

About Cubiverse Play It

Cubiverse in a browser based (no installation) multi-player sandbox game created by James Hunter, and inspired by MineCraft, Infiniminer, 3D construction kit and various others.

You can either play user created game worlds, or create your own worlds from scratch or by cloning existing maps (if the author allows it). World's are built through an in-game editor which allows you to terraform the environment and add javascript code to cubes, entities, mobs and even control the weather.

The main goals of Cubiverse is to offer a sand-box environment for people to create games and publish them through a simple URL. Once you have published a world you will receive a URL (such as http://game.cubiverse.net/17 ). Any one who types the URL into their (WebGL enabled) browser will jump straight in-to your game, along with any other players that might be in your world.

Therefore there are two types of Cubiverse players, who's who enjoying played published worlds and those who enjoy creating those worlds.

On 31st September, Cubiverse alpha was released and we entered Beta in December 2014.

There's a TON of bugs and to-do items, so please see the Bug and TO-DO List if you think you found one.

See the Releases Page for information on what's in the latest release (along with fixes!)

You currently require Chrome to player Cubiverse, you also need WebGL enabled. I would like to support both FireFox and IE in the future, but they are painful to develop on and require workarounds for non-compliance (and I've no time!)

[ Make sure WebGL works for you! ]

You can also access Cubiverse games and worlds through a direct URL ( such as http://game.cubiverse.net/17 )

Gameplay Tutorials Scripting

You've two options here - play other people worlds, or create your own worlds!

If you want to play user created worlds then visible the home page and look at some of the featured, or just released worlds. If you want to create your own game and worlds then follow the tutorials, watch the videos or get assistance through our forums or IRC.

You are free to create first person shooters, RPG's, Death match, Co-op, Adventure, Survival - hopefully much more when we move out of beta!

If your interested in learning how to use Cubiverse, it's probably best to launch straight into the game and play the tutorial world.

Tutorials - Visit our main tutorial page with loads of articles

Tutorial Videos - View our YouTube tutorial channel

In Cubiverse Java-script is used to drive logic (spawning mobs, controlling doors or lifts, etc.) and it's important to understand the concepts behind the scripting system before getting to involved in the actual scripting.

Scripting 101 - Quick page on the fundamentals of scripting (Yes, you should read this first.. it will save you SO much time later)

Scripting Examples - Common examples (such as spawning players, mobs, controlling cubes, etc.)

Scripting API - Full API reference

Technical Major TO-DO's Community News

If your interested in some technical articles regarding Cubiverse then please have a read below; its probably most related to people wanting to understand how Cubiverse operates and hackers :)

Technologies Used

three.js (An awesome 3D engine)

Cubiverse is new and under heavy development, just by me, so there is a ton of stuff to get done. Here is the top major to-do's, if you can think of something else then please post on the forum.

  • Netcode is poor (players with pings over 100ms looks bad, and packet loss cause players to teleport)
  • You can't change the textures of the world
  • I've no idea how it scales (but it should be pretty good)

So shiny and new that we don't have any!

Please visit our Forum to discuss any topics you wish

Or chat directly to users via FreeNode #Cubiverse IRC Room

If you play Cubiverse you have to agree to our Terms and Conditions