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Bug List

This is the current bug and to-do list. If you find a bug or wish to suggest something please post of the forum

See the Releases Page for information on what's in the latest release (along with fixes!)

(Pre-Release) Features and Bugs Fixes

Holding place for features (I add them here between releases so I don't forget) and bugs that are fixed (for the next release)

V1.0 (!) - Features and bug-fixes (waiting release in Feb  2016)

New Features (for discussion, in general order of priority)

* [FEATURE] - Sound :)
* [FEATURE] - Show other players (in multiplayer) equipping certain items (guns, torch, etc.)
* [FEATURE] - Show other players (in multiplayer) using items (guns, torches, etc.)
* [FEATURE] - Allow user to change texture types
* [FEATURE] - Allow dynamic voxels to affect (push, crush, rasise, etc.) mobs
* [FEATURE] - Allow dynamic voxels to affect (push, crush, rasise, etc.) players

High Priority Bugs

* [CLIENT] - BUG - Closing any editor by clicking on a toolbox icon causes input focus to be lost (F5!)
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Clients sessions seem to timeout even when in the world (i.e. login, then wait until session expires, try to edit world, stuck!)
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Handle editing a world after your session times out (i.e. gracefully drop back to world with error)
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Whilst jumping on fast moving cube (upwards) you can jump through the bottom
* [CLIENT] - BUG - new NetCode means plays appear "below" any faster moving (upwards) cubes...
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Rarely seen crash when client leaves (see clWorldObject::UnregisterClient)
* [SERVER] - BUG - Instigating HUD elements causes crashes after alot of instances (Line 77 in HUDBaseJSObject_v8_InitCubeScriptObject - null return from NewInstance() )
* [SERVER] - BUG - If someone starts a map, whilst on top of a voxel with "onWalkOn" the event will be triggered immediately during a map run
* [SERVER] - BUG - Obfuscater should check keywords before accepting a random word
* [CLIENT] - BUG - If the player gets stuck inside some object (or bad spawn points, teleports, etc.) get the player to float upwards (and maybe sideways if Y is max)
* [CLIENT] - BUG - Player can get stuck if spawn point is bad (or too close to a cube below it), linked with above issue
* [CLIENT} - BUG - If the server restarts, and the client logs in again - there is no "world editor" hammer in their inventory
* [CLIENT} - BUG - If the client lags out, when they rejoin their inventory is empty


* [CLIENT] - BUG - When a world is restarted (after editing), other players will see "Error" cubes moving about instead of the correct moving cubes
* [BOTH] - BUG - Fix a world editing user times out and rejoins, an old avatar is left on the client (with all animations running)
* [CLIENT] - BUG - If the server restarts, and the user is in game, it think's its still in a valid session (so saves sessions on server or remove client session info)
* [CLIENT] - BUG - If a script took too long to init (during PLAY) the error is hidden behind the "Restarting World" dialog, making the game unusable due to UI lock out.
* [SERVER] - BUG - NetCode is OK, but fast moving cubes (that are sticky) can still kick off players (or leave them behind)
* [CLIENT] - BUG - If author is editing world, they can't see other players
* [CLIENT] - BUG - A player can jump up through the bottom of any moving voxel

High Priority TO-DO

* [CLIENT] - TODO - Handle editor mode with multplayers better (author cannot see players, certain things do not reset (lights, environment, etc.) for users)
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Get world editor to remember last mode, possibly last operation (i.e. if editing a cube, quickly open that cube and edit it)
* [BOTH} - TODO - Show hits to mobs by another player
* [CLIENT] - TODO - When players are "away" (have Cubiverse in background) show this above the player as an icon
- [CLIENT] - TODO - Improve mouse look in world editor
- [CLIENT] - TODO - Add "X" to leave tutorial mode
* [CLIENT] - TODO - On world restart (if not the editing user) all non-owner clients must reload the world for changes (maybe get list of changed chunks?)
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Add links to API from script editing
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Improve links to API from script editing (if in TZ open TZ help)
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Torch needs to be blurred round the outside, it's too sharp
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Get sound working!
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Any faulty scripts, entities, TZ's, etc.. should show in RED in the editor, possibly high-light the problematic line in the editor
* [CLIENT] - TODO - For author add in a "server stress" graph to show how the server is coping


* [CLIENT] - TODO - Reports "Preloaded Models 18/17" on loader
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Handle timeout of sessions (or server restart) so that client forces login again (maybe on server going down?)
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Show world information (owner info, etc.) for non logged in users
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Add in editor support for 
    Group options (grouping cubes, editing group scripts, etc.)
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Add "basic" and "advanced" mode in the editor to show/hide the creation and registration API stuff
* [CLIENT] - TODO - In editor mode, pressing E can show the scoreboard too
* [SERVER] - TODO - Need to store session information so when a server restarts you do not have to log back in
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Handle "being kicked" from the world whilst in the editor gracefully
* [CLIENT] - TODO - In world editor (pressing E, going down) should go through surfaces
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Pick random name for anonymous clients to save them typing anything (jetienne suggestion)
* [CLIENT] - TODO - When on a moving voxel don't let a static voxel (above you) kick you off as you move into it..
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Find better way of mouse lock than SHIFT in editor
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Its possible for users to pick the same nick-name
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Registered users should auto kick users that are named the same as then on entry
* [CLIENT] - TODO - Registered users should have their nicknames protected from use